Our Hope

God as our Heavenly Father

Maybe your earthly father was loving. Maybe he spent time with you doing fun things, telling you often that he loved you, and showing you in healthy ways what that love looks like. Maybe you had an upbringing that was miserable, unloving, maybe even abusive.

No matter who your father is or was here on earth, I know a Father that sees all the good and doesn’t look at the bad once you tell the Him, honestly, what those things are – confess them to Him. The Father God is QUICK to forgive and then remembers them no more! Ever! 

No matter what you have in your past or what others have done to you, or even made you do. The Father God I’m talking about walked on this earth, He is Jesus Christ, who has already paid the price for the forgiveness of things you’ve done wrong – sin, by shedding every last drop of His blood for YOU! 

The best part is it’s a gift! You cannot earn it. You cannot buy it. Salvation is the same way! Jesus has a stamp that says, PAID IN FULL! You too can live eternity in heaven, you just need to accept the gift. Will you? 

No one knows what day and hour will be the moment you die and step off into eternity. Where will you spend it? Say this short prayer and know where you will spend eternity.

“LORD, Jesus, I’m scared. I want to trust You are real. Please forgive me for the wrongs I’ve done. I want You to be LORD of my life. I want to live with You. Help me know how. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.”

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Written by Robin (Into the Light - Minneapolis)

Not sure about Jesus?

Sweets and Stilettos is not a group that hits people with Bibles, but we do believe in Jesus - that he was raised from the dead after being crucified, that he hung on the cross so that our sin wouldn't eternally separate us from God and heaven. We love Him and, even though we are constantly making mistakes, He loves us too. We know He also loves you and wants so badly for you to know that. So here we are, four teams of women that are so far from perfect, and we want to provide you with a small glimpse of the way God loves you. The love that is offered so freely and wants nothing in return. 

God has shown me, in my own life, that He doesn’t wait for people to be perfect in order to love them and give them purpose. He loves us when we’re hurting, sinful, and doubting. He reaches out to us even at our lowest point. That’s awesome.
— Allie (Leader of Sweets and Stilettos - Des Moines)

We'd love to connect with you personally through the contact link to answer any questions you may have or just to start a new friendship! Come say hello!


Carrie's Story

Stripped a little piece of me

My name is Carrie Dawson, I am a survivor of the Adult Entertainment Industry.  Here is a piece of my testimony. 

My heart was racing as I sat in the front seat of the beat up old Subaru,   I pulled out another cigarette lit it and took a long drag , blowing little smoke rings into the air and watched them float out of the car window.  Looking down at the advertisement in the paper one more time reading AMATEUR NIGHT AT THE CHEERLEADERS AUDITION WITH US AND MAKE UP TO $500.00 MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER.   The 3 boys in the car with me kept saying “Are you going to go in? You said you would, you can’t chicken out now.   I rolled my eyes and said, “I am just let me finish my cigarette.”  About that time a short, bald, Asian man in a white shirt and black pants walked out of the front door of the club and looked at all of us in the car.  I pinched out the butt and opened the squeaky car door; the Asian man stepped toward me and stated, “I am the Manager can I help you?”  In an uneasy voice I said,” I read the ad in the paper and am here to audition”. 

Walking through the big red door I found it hard for my eyes to adjust from the bright May sunshine to the dark mysterious club.  The smell of perfume was overwhelming, and the sound of the music deafening.  The manager waved for me to follow him.  I walked past a woman swaying and bending for a man sitting at a bar, his eyes locked on her with a demented look about him.  My stomach turned in knots,  I sat down by a big brown desk.  

“My name is Phil,” said the manager, “Can I see some ID?”  I handed him my driver license. “So you are 18 today,” Phil noted.  

“Yes sir,” squeaked out.  

“You will have 2 songs to audition to, first one you take your dress off, second one you take your top off, got it?”

“Yes sir.” 

“Ok. When you are done, I will let you know if you can work for us, are you ready?" 

“Yes sir.”

“Ok, what do you want the DJ to announce you as?”

“Gentlemen on stage number 4, we have an audition, so how about we fill up the seats and let her show us if she is Cheerleader worthy!” the DJ broadcasted. Several construction workers meandered forward, the music started I passed a girl exiting the stage as I was entering, she grabbed my hand and said “Good Luck Honey, OHHHHHH I love this song”.  Trembling I walked to the front to perform.  The following ten minutes were a fog, I remember at the end of the song, bending down to pick up my clothes, some of the money that the men had put into my thong fell out and mixed in with the money that was crumpled up on the floor. Walking behind the stage I redressed, and walked back to see Phil. 

“Ok, so here is the deal. You got the job. You will work second shift, that means you get here by 3:00pm and you are off at 2:30 am. We will pay you $5.00 an hour. You have to tip out at the end of the night. That means you will tip the DJ, bouncers, bartenders, and wait staff. You can start tomorrow, just sign on the dotted line.”  

Stepping back outside the sun made me squint, but I was glad to have the warmth on my skin.  I was only gone for 25 minutes, but it seemed like I was a different person when I walked out of the club, than when I walked in. I was no longer a lost teenage girl, who had to prove that she was worth something, no longer was I going to look for a place where I fit in or hear “you are ugly, you are stupid, you are never going to amount to anything.”  I felt I was finally somebody. Why, you ask. Because in 25 minutes, I made $400.00. I was told that I was beautiful and that I was going to go far, for one of the first times in my life girls were not pushing me around calling me names. They were saying hello, telling me how much I was going to love working there, that they would show me the ropes, and that it was a great job”, 

I was An Exotic Dancer.    

On the drive home a million thoughts were running through my head, I wanted to tell everyone, but keep it a secret at the same time, not knowing how family and friends would react I decided not to say anything at all.  Parking the car at my apartment building, I bounded past the kids playing in the courtyard, up the metal stairs and unlocked my door. I threw my purse on the table and ran back to the bedroom.  Looking around at the clothes scattered about my room, I realized that I had nothing to wear to work in the following day.  I changed into my  jeans and a tee-shirt, washed the makeup off of my face, put on my sandals and headed off with my $400.00 to go downtown to buy bras, thongs, tight dresses and high heels. Though I did not realize it at the time, I was spending the money I earned to buy clothes that I was going to be taking off for a living. 

 As the months progressed I found that the daily routine of my life was getting out of control, not only was I addicted to the money, but to the lifestyle, the drugs, and the drinking.  I started to change who I was. On stage I could dance up a storm, I would wear wigs and costumes, always playing a different part, it was easy to escape reality when you work as a dancer.  I could make up to $300 - $400 a set.  Making the men think that I wanted them, but not once did I think “Gee, this guy is so hot, I wonder if he will let me take him home?" Some of the men were very cheap, they would just sit and watch for free, and I had a disdain for them.  

When the dancers were not on stage we were encouraged to perform private dances for bigger tips (AKA lap dances). The only difference between lap dances and prostitution is that the men stay fully clothed. It would require me to straddle the mans lap and grind against him until he ejaculated in his pants, all the while I was thinking about how bad they smelled and trying to avoid their mouths and tongues. 

 As soon as I got the money I would walk over to the bar and grab a drink. Sometimes the customers would spit at you, spray beer at you, flick cigarettes, I was hit with cans, had my hair pulled, grabbed by my arm, had my t-bar pulled down, punched, licked, slapped, bitten and pinched.  When I would walk up to a customer and they would ask if they could touch me I would say “No.” They would hold up some money, so as I walked over to accept the tip they would slide their hands up my thigh and put the money in the g-string. Never mind the No Touch Policy, that only worked if the bouncers were tipped well and were paying attention.  

 It was becoming harder and harder to dance.  I would go home feeling so cheap.  What started out as me feeling so good about dancing, the money I was making, and all of the guys saying how beautiful I was, just became repulsive to me! The low self esteem I had before I started dancing, was now snowballing into more feelings of worthlessness and helplessness.  

The lifestyle was beginning to take its toll on me.  When I was dancing I was no longer thinking of the money I was making. I was only trying to get through the 12 minutes I was up on stage. It wasn’t like it was when I first started dancing.  I used to try and have fun with the customers by how I moved.  I would use there hats or ties as props when I was on stage.  I was very physical, using the pole to do acrobats and play games with the men.  I would make eye contact and wink and smile. Now I couldn’t stand to look at their bloodshot eyes, or see the crooked smiles on there faces. I didn’t interact with them, and I would not smile.  I was no longer dancing for the “fun”.  I was dancing to support a lifestyle.  

I was using more now too.  LSD, Cocaine, and Mary Jane were what I used to function along with the alcohol.  Since I wasn’t working as hard to hustle the customers, I started to make less and less money.  I came to a point when I knew that if I didn’t leave then I wouldn’t make it out alive.  It was not an easy transition, requiring me to move 1000 miles away from family and friends to try to become healthy.  Over time the scars from the industry and lifestyle have started to fade.  They will never be completely gone, but look more like character now.  Jesus saved me by His Redeeming blood. I never thought he could love or want someone as damaged as me. But I am exactly who he came for, and so are YOU.   10 years ago, I was called to go back into the clubs.  Not as a dancer this time but as an encourager.  I have danced in your shoes and know the struggles you encounter on a daily basis.  You don’t need to stay where you are.  You are a daughter of the Most High King and he has equipped you to live in freedom.  You are worth so much. This job does not define who you are, but if you stay in long enough it will change who you are.  There are so many questions of faith. I am grateful for the One complicated God who endlessly calls each and every one of your names until He finally breaks through the sound barrier, and we know it is no audio-mirage, but the very voice of God.   My prayer is that when you look in the mirror you see what a masterpiece you are, created by our Heavenly Father.  

Enjoy Your Journey



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