I have always been a little confused by the word grace. It is used so frequently in the bible as well as in countless sermons preached by people of all different denominations. But what is it? Forgiveness? Mercy? A chance for a fresh start? A combination of those? 

I think Paul does a pretty good job of explaining grace in Romans 3.

"God gives people the power to live holy lives - just as God has always intended. Grace not only justifies, it transforms. We are made right by grace; by grace we can also live right."

Our mistakes do not have to define us, nor do our flaws. Our future does not need to be written by our past. 

We are loved and valued by the God of the universe, who created each of us. Because of His grace, we have the chance to be fresh, restored, and renewed.

I encourage you to read the book of Romans, written by a brilliant yet simple man named Paul. Paul lived a really messed up life before being introduced to the story of Jesus. He has an incredible story that definitely showcases God's grace.


Posted by Allie (Sweets and Stilettos - Des Moines)

Posted on November 20, 2013 .